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FIFA 16 Suggestions [Official Thread]

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    Originally posted by FemtioCent View Post
    Improve career mode!
    Also, would be cool if you could select a player as a new captain after you subbed off your ordinary captain. Now it just autoselects to the player who subs in.
    Yeah, improve career mode. Currently it lack some features that players always requested.
    Someone told me and my friend that he can play soccer using only his head, the surprising thing is my friend believed him.


      It would be cool to have interviews with players at halftime or fulltime and get voice actors to do quick impressions on certain players. This is similar to what nba does and it would be cool to see it in fifa 16


        Bonjour EAS je suis l'un des plus grand Fan de vos produits nnotemment FIFA comme mon nom ici l'indique l'indique

        Pour FiFA 16
        1) plus d'accès au mode carriere devient pro H/L ou Online
        Rentré sur un remplacement et pas toujours débute le match
        Être repérer par un sport tel que Nike adidas under armor etc... Pour pourvoir avoir accès au chaussures avoir la possibilité de crée son propres modèle de chaussure en fin de saison si on est un bon joueur
        Attaché de presse sur le terrain chaque mis temps ou fin du match un plus de réalisme

        2) Création de joueur avoir plus de coupe de cheveux voir créé sa propres coupe de cheveux et les poils un peut plus long et avoir d'autre style de corps

        3 FUT
        Rien a dire à part la nouvelles MAJ

        4 Mode carrière entraineur
        Avoir plus d'accès la aussi création d'un nouveaux maillots chaque fin de saison ou marque car le même maillots sachant qu'on est en 2020 pas très motivants a jouer

        4) un grand point que je veut soulève c'est la league des champions c'est nazes faut les vrais génériques et le vrai logo etoiles

        5) les entraineurs ont les veut réalistes comme dans FIFA WORLD CUP 2010

        Un peu plus d'acces a débloquer (PS pour moi je trouverais sa très régalant et distractif si il y avait ces modifications dans FIFA16


          Start a game on subs in a be a pro career.


            I hope FIFA 16 to increase the player's posltion, LB-RB, LW-RW, CB-CDM.a lot of players can play different positions


              Create your own card display for before matches. You get the team crest and other patterns to create a card display


                Well i came up with some card designs for FIFA 16, it includes Ronaldo and Messi and i also done their stats and ratings too. Go over to this link and click to the end of the video. You dont have to watch the whole thing

                Plus i think they should make carea mode more enjoyable. They could add a story to it like NBA2K15 does, i think that would be a really good idea. They should really get rid of the price ranges... that really ruined fifa 15 and you should be able to earn more coins a match because then you can gradually build your own team and make it better and better, not everyone has money especially as everyone has paid £50 for the game already. I also think that you should get a better chance at getting a GOOD player like 85 rated above, this would make fifa so much more enjoyable and plus players would be cheaper in the market. A new gambling system should be added too like a scratch card so if you get the same player 3 times in a row you get it but make it so you get really really good players and make it 50k to buy.


                  Please rescan the BPL for FIFA 16.


                    I love the Player Lock option, but when i substitute the player that i was locked it changes to control the whole team, have to be a option to choose a new player to Lock.


                      Originally posted by tp1690 View Post
                      Create your own card display for before matches. You get the team crest and other patterns to create a card display
                      I loved that feature, but I needed something more.
                      Someone told me and my friend that he can play soccer using only his head, the surprising thing is my friend believed him.




                          Rewards in Ultimate Team. Like Madden Ultimate Team. Add sets and rewards when you maybe complete certain tasks and more then the just 18 tasks in task manager that can win you a FIFA 16 gold pack.


                            Fifa/ ea you guys say the exact same things every single year. The exact same things. Anyone else been noticing that? You can talk about better gameplay etc. But im pretty sure its all about selling the same game.
                            Every year its the same thing with a dif title. Eg. Fifa15- fifa16.
                            Focus on actual gameplay for once. It never changes i buy the game expecting major changes to gameplay and its the same thing all over.

                            On the highest difficultly level i can beat barca, real with Sevilla 4-0 6-1 all the time. Yet cant even score against a crap team. And when i do score its always the last kick of the game.
                            Ronaldo and messi are goal scoring machines. Yet in the game they can barely score 10 a season. And the worse players in fifa score 10-15 plus a season.
                            For some reason players with 88-90 overal or high overal ability players play so average. And the crap ones play like superstars.

                            Glitches in gameplay. How about let the actual player take control. Its like you guys have this scripted out. Dont ask its confusing.

                            Chile, colombia, poland league??? Why?
                            Wheres the good leagues. Where is the Brazilian, ukranian, j league, greek leagues etc?

                            Honestly this is the second time im writting this coz this site logged me off and erased what i was writting.
                            Not making as good of a argument as i did when first writing this but you get what im saying.
                            Make it work fifa/ ea game developers.
                            If pes had the same licenses as ea. Fifa wouldnt exist. Coz they just do it better. If only fifa had pes gameplay. 👌


                              Wait....are these all confirmed?


                                Originally posted by tomazr View Post
                                New Stadiums for FIFA 16:

                                Estadio da Luz (Benfica)
                                Celtic Park (Celtic)
                                CenturyLink Field (Seattle Sounders)
                                Estadio do Maracana (Brazil)
                                Estadio Dragao (Porto)
                                BayArena (Bayer Leverkusen)
                                Stade de Louis II (Monaco)
                                Stade Velodrome (Marseille)
                                Turk Telekom Arena (Galatasaray)
                                El Monumental (River Plate)
                                Ibrox Stadium (Rangers)
                                Estadio Jose Alvalade (Sporting)
                                Stadio San Paolo (Napoli)
                                All La Liga Stadiums
                                Wait...are these all confirmed?