Greetings to all, at first I briefly tell you who I am. Today I registered in the forum, a few days ago I found the Infinity page and the truth ... EXCELLENT !!! Maybe it's new around here, but I've always been a fan of FIFA, just by telling them that I played it from its first version back in 1994 ... I know, I'm old haha ​​in a few days I reach 40. In short, what always It caught like many of you, it's the CARRERA DT MODE ... nothing replaces it, nothing. The unwavering base of FIFA, that is why it always was, is and will be better than PES and that is not discussed. And what is special about that base? That each version brings us closer to reality, that is its limit !!! And in Infinity it shows that they seek to be with each update (licenses, names of technicians and stadiums, missing teams, absent tournaments, etc.) closer to real life, for which I write these humble thoughts, on the one hand thanking everyone who make it possible to be a little closer to reality, and on the other, trying to gather ideas or suggestions in this forum to get closer and closer to that dream ... Of course, you always have to take into account the technical limitations of FIFA, that said I leave the first suggestion and I hope that there will be many more among all of them, thank you and apologize for the inconvenience.


Something that always intrigued me but FIFA never implemented it, is the issue of declines, especially in leagues that only have the first division, it would give it more reality, for example, if OFF there were at least three teams from the second division, than the The season ends will automatically replace the last three, and so on year after year. Also those teams in OFF that for a year do not participate in first class, can be included in the national cup. It can be taken into account for all the leagues in their last division or at least those that only have first. Let me know, I hope it works for you, accepting criticism hahaha. Cheers!!!