.:: Official Rules of FIFA Infinity Forum ::.

1) General Behaviour:
  • This is an english board so the only language that you are allowed to speak is English!
  • Don't be racist,rude or insultive towards other members!
  • Ripping or stealing work from other members is not allowed!You get a permanent ban for this!
  • Respect other members work!No rude comments allowed!
  • Advertising patches or works from other sites is allowed as long you don't abuse this privilege!
  • Spamming the forum to increase your post count is forbbiden!
  • Always use the search function before posting something you need!
  • You're only allowed to have 1 account, multiple accounts are not allowed!
  • Please use proper English, minimal chatspeak!
  • No Warez,Pornographic Material or other obscene materials!
  • No coin selling advertising or discussions regarding this topic.
  • Selling or limiting access to a mod behind a pay wall is strictly forbidden!

2) Posting:
  • Don't make off-topic posts!
  • No short comments!Like KM,KIU,great,good,+1,+2,etc!You will get an warn and afterwards ban if you continue posting like that!
  • Don't make a post only containing smilies.
  • Dont make threads or topics with the idea to increase your post count (ex:Count from 1 to 10000 topics etc.)
  • You can make multiple posts only if you must post important things like news or works!Other than that is forbidden to make multiple posts.

3) Avatar & Signature:
  • The total signature space cannot exceed 500px in width and 200px in height. This includes all text and images
  • Your avatar size cannot exceed 125 px x 125 px!
  • Your signature may not contain any videos.

4) Karma:

5) Rank System

6) Final:
  • As member of this community you must respect these rules!
Banning and Warning System!
  • For Spam (Short Comments) - First spam post will result in a warn! With the second one an infraction!
  • For posting Warez,Pornography or Obscene Materials - First post containing Warez,Pornography or Obscene Materials will result in a warn! The second one will get an infraction!
  • For Stealing or Ripping other members work - You get an Infraction or a Permanent Ban depending on the gravity of the situation! In case you want to clarify the situation contact a staff member through email at [email protected]
  • For Off-Topic = At the first off-topic post you will receive a an warn, at the 2nd one an infraction.
  • For Multiple Accounts you get a Permanent Ban!
  • For insultive behaviour,racism,or rude comments towards other members - First post containing insultive behaviour,racism,or rude comments gets a warning, second one gets an infraction.
  • Spamming the forum to increase your post count will result in an infraction. If you continue you will get a 3 days ban!
  • Abusing the advertising rule will result in a warn and afterwards in a one week ban
  • Not using search function before posting something you need will result in a warn! If you do it again you will get an infraction.
  • If you post in other languages you will receive a warn and with the second post an infraction! Remember we only speak ENGLISH here!
  • If you abuse the Reputation System you will get a punishment that can range from a 3 days ban to a Permanent Ban!
  • For advertising coin selling websites you will get a Permanent Ban! Discussions about it will result in an infraction.
  • Advertising paid mods or linking them here will result in a Permanent Ban!

How the infraction systerm works

Spammed Advertisements - 1 infraction point (expires in 75 days)
Insulted Other Member(s) - 1 infraction point (expires in 30 days)
Signature Rule Violation- 1 infraction point (expires in 10 days)
Inappropriate Language - 1 infraction point (expires in 25 days)
Spam- 1 infraction point (expires in 50 days)
Warez- 1 infraction point (expires in 50 days)
Off-Topic- 1 infraction point (expires in 10 days)
Reputation Abuse- 2 infraction points (expires in 50 days)
Stealing - 2 infraction points (expires in 75 days)

Once you reach 5 infraction points you will be automatically banned for 7 days!

  • Bans may vary from 1 day to 1 week depending on the gravity of the infraction made by the user!
  • You get a permanent ban when you commit serious infractions!
*Note that rules can change through time!*