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FIFA 11 PC | Ticket Patch

The first PATCH for FIFA 11 PC by MONKEYDRAGON. For those who want to be “millionaire” at MANAGER MODE – download and apply TICKET PATCH now.

This tool will let you increase ticket $ every home match at MANAGER MODE.

(*) For Windows Vista/7 user, please SET RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

– Install to FIFA 11 PC folder
– Click on TICKET PATCH icon on desktop to launch.

======HOW TO USE
1) Launch TOOL
2) Set FIFA 11 PC path
3) Choose APPLY or RESTORE

+ After APPLY, you must keep “career.ini” at FIFA 11\GAME\ folder
+ Value in “career.ini” are optimized, DO NOT change if you are not advanced user.
+ DO NOT APPLY or RESTORE while game running.
+ Special thanks FIFA SOCCER RUSSIA for FIFAFS Series


About Damien

Founder of, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. nao aparece o botao apply or restore

  2. how come i have remainin budget as 0.. i get multimillion wage budget but the player salary is extremely high it equals the wage budget.. can someone help?


  4. i cant set the fifa 11 path and there is no apply and restore button.can anyone help me plssssss

  5. when i add anything in the box in ticket patcher ,it only say to enter the fifa 11 path.plssss help

  6. Good job! Thanks MD, cám ơn anh Long đã share tool này 🙂

  7. I want to get 200 million dollars if my ticket price is high. How can I do it?

  8. Hello everyone. I wanted to know how to increase the salaries budget? And then you can know if there is a guide to change anything else?

  9. HElp me when i launch the patch Says Unexpected Error?? What can i do??? sorry For mi english XD!

  10. When i open ticket patch and try to set path,
    what do i do?
    career.ini doesn’t show up when i browse


  11. watch this video guys, the instructions on here are vague,
    not enough

  12. Hi there,

    Thanks for the whole ticket patch, but I’m doing every thing as followed but yet I’m getting “Access is denied” when I go to save the career.ini file when I edited it, even though I run it as Admin. Can anyone help?

    Thanks !

  13. Guys you have to set the the fifa path which is this one for people who are using Win 7(C:\Program Files (x86)\EA SPORTS\FIFA 11)
    and for people who are using Windows Xp (C:\Program File\EA SPORTS\FIFA 11)
    And after that the Apply button will show Up
    Enjoy !!

  14. Help! I have already restored/applied it but i cannot run as administrator so i cant save the file even after i make changes! Someone pls help me out. Thanks!

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