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FIFAe Continental Cup Takes The Centre Stage With EACC Summer 2021

In a year filled with FIFA 21 eSports events, FIFA Online 4 had very few events to offer and the biggest event of them all, the FIFAe Continental Cup, is already turning heads. With the FIFAe Champions Cup forming the first phase of the tournament, we are set to move on to the second stage; the EACC Summer 2021.


Story So Far

In the early part of 2021, the FIFAe Champions Cup was announced with the tournament forming the first phase of FIFAe Continental Cup. The event was held between March 29th, 2021 and April 4th, 2021.

12 teams took to the stage on FIFA Online 4 with a 100,000 USD prize pool on the line. China PR, Korea Republic, Vietnam and Thailand were the four regions with three teams per region and various oddsmakers, with the likes of casinosters, predicting Korea to create a potential upset.

In the end, the odds did pay off as Korean team CrazyWin reached the finals after defeating the likes of MS Chonburi and Afreeca Freecs. They ultimately ended up meeting their group mates MiTH and this time, the matches were cakewalk for them. Defeating MiTH with 3 wins to none, CrazyWin were crowned the first ever FIFAe Champions Cup winners!


EACC Summer 2021

The second stage of the Continental Cup, EACC Summer offers teams another chance to increase their global rankings while playing FIFA Online 4. The rankings will help teams qualify as high as possible for the FIFAe Continental Cup finals. The event will run from June 28th, 2021 to July 4th, 2021 and will have the next schedule:

PHASEDate/Time (Korean Standard Time GMT+9)
GROUP STAGE28th June, 2021 – 14:30
29th June, 2021 – 14:30
KNOCKOUT STAGES (Playoffs)2nd July, 2021 – 14:30
30th June, 2021 – 14:30
3rd July, 2021 – 16:00
KNOCKOUT STAGES (Semi-Finals and Grand Finals)4th July, 2021 – 16:00


The format is similar to FIFAe Champions Cup with 3 teams each from the 4 regions mentioned before competing for the win. After the initial Group Stages of these 12 teams. The top 8 from the 4 groups will proceed to the KO stage where teams will go 1v1 in a best-of-three format, in order to proceed to the next round. The prize pool for EACC Summer 2021 is 100,000 USD, the same as Champions Cup. This will definitely motivate the teams to push hard!

The winners will receive 200 FIFA Online 4 Ranking Points towards qualification for the Finals. MiTH makes a comeback for this edition joining FaZe Clan, DIHEsport F4 and previous winners CrazyWin amongst other teams. Early predictions point towards either of MiTH, CrazyWin or FaZe Clan taking the spoils home.

You can view the live streams of these matches on the next channels:


The Path Ahead

No sooner than when the EACC Summer concludes, all future teams will start preparing for the Autumn edition of EACC. The EACC Autumn 2021 event forms the final phase of the Continental Cup before we reach the series finale.

While dates are yet to be confirmed for EACC Autumn 2021, the same 4 regions are set to take part with a maximum of 12 teams competing in it. Just like the previous editions, the prize pool is expected to be around 100,000 USD with the winners also getting 200 FIFA Online 4 Ranking points that will prove to be immense, given that the next stage is the Final.

While it may come as no surprise, MiTH and CrazyWin are expected to take part in this phase as well. MiTHBRIGHT777 is expected to be the star player of the MiTH team as they look to bounce back from the Champions Cup journey and assuming they win the EACC Summer 2021, odds are strongly in their favour.

With the timelines of EACC Autumn 2021 and the FIFAe Continental Cup Finals to be decided, EACC Summer 2021 is in the spotlight right now with crucial qualification points on the line, and some sweet prizes to go with it. It’s only a matter of time before we see a new champion (or a repeat champion, perhaps?) be crowned. Watch this space for updates!

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