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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Tips and Basics for Beginners

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, also known as FUT 23, is a popular mode in the FIFA video game series that allows players to create their own dream team by collecting and trading player cards. The objective is to build a team with the best possible chemistry, ratings, and formation to compete against other players in online and offline matches.

If you are a beginner, then it is crucial to know the basic information about the game mode, gameplay, how to build a squad, the best players to try and ways to earn FIFA coins.

Top Tips for Playing FIFA 23

Control players not in possession of the ball. In FIFA, there are two methods of ball control – with calling the player to play the serve, or passing the ball forward to the player, who, in turn, will start running towards the ball, understanding the general direction of the attack and the action of the teammates.

Use the spinning ball technique! The main idea is to use an indirect technique of passing the ball, and then it is much more difficult for opponents to understand and predict its trajectory. But, it must be taken into account that the accuracy of such a manoeuvre will be affected by the player’s working leg and the degree of preparation of the strike on the working position and the use of the flank and semi-flank parts of the field for such rallies.

Go to the ball should be in proximity to the goalkeeper’s area. Ball control and fast passing will make life much more difficult for opponents and add the risk of missing a goal in any part of the field, including on the goalkeeper’s area line.

Do not use long balls to start your attack – they are easily intercepted by the enemy, especially if the adversary team has tall and fast players – start with a pass.

Don’t use tackles from behind – they often result in fouls if the foul is committed in your own half of the field. In the opponent’s half of the field, you are likely to receive a yellow card. Such behaviour is not acceptable in football, as it leads to the risk of injury to the player.

If you need to quickly pick up the ball, use pressure, run into the opponent and block the movement of other free players. Use the tackle only from the side of the ball, or in front of the opponent.

Look at the characteristics of the player, not the overall rating – a player with a rating of 85 may be worse than a player with a rating of 81.

For example, a defender may have a low rating relative to players of a similar position, but be distinguished by high speed. In terms of characteristics, he will be worse, but he will be able to catch up with enemy forwards much better and more professionally than his other counterparts.

With forwards, the situation is similar – there are examples of players who have a low cost, but at the same time they are distinguished by a high rate of breakthrough and overall speed. Such a forward will move away from the enemy defense and shoot on goal much more often, even if he has a low accuracy rate.

How to Earn Players & Coins to Build a Good Squad in FUT

For FIFA Ultimate Team, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money to get a good squad – you can resort to other ways to get the best players.

Squad Battles – a mode that allows you to earn FIFA coins by playing against lineups assembled by other users, but under the control of the AI. The level of the opponent is selected taking into account the overall strength of your squad. An excellent mode for overcoming jitters and honing tactics and strategy before matches against live players.

Objectives – FUT always offers players special in-game objectives that can replenish their inventory with new players, or coins. Tasks can be completely different, they are not difficult, however the execution may take some time. For example, score five goals with long-range shots, or make an assist with a player from the English Premier League. Tasks are carried over from match to match, and it is important to simply regularly fill the scale before the objective expires.

Squad Building Challenge (SBC) – is a mode in which you need to assemble a squad in compliance with all the conditions of set by the developers. For example, three players from the same nation and an overall squad rating of 77. For completing an SBC, you will receive player packs, or special player items. The more difficult and expensive the overall SBC, the higher the final reward for completing it.

You will have to come up with ways to get the right players to complete such tasks, but the main bonus of the Squad Building Challenge is the ability to exchange unwanted or untradable players who cannot be sold for players in demand at the moment.

FUT Moments – helps to improve your FUT squad by completing certain tasks and solving problems in a match at a particular moment in the game. For example, head a goal into the opponent’s goal using only MbappĂ© after a pass. Once you’ve completed some of the Moments taks, you will be rewarded with FUT Stars that can be used to unlock dedicated prizes in the FUT Star Gallery.

Whether you’re a casual or a competitive player, FIFA 23 Ultimate Team provides endless hours of entertainment and challenge. Building your dream team and competing against other players from around the world is a unique and exciting experience.

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