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2023 PKO BP Ekstraklasa Games Crowns Its Champion

The FIFA esports festival continues and last week we had another FIFA esports tournament concluded. The PKO BP Ekstraklasa Games played its finals, and now we have a new FIFA 23 champion in Poland.

FIFA esports tournaments have gained significant popularity in recent years, with large prize pools, sponsorships, and broadcasts on major streaming platforms. That is the case of the PKO BP Ekstraklasa Games as well, the tournament attracted both professional esports players and casual gamers, and they provided an opportunity for players to showcase their skills and compete against the best in their country.

This year, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the competition and rightfully so, as it was packed with action and drama since the beginning.

What is PKO BP Ekstraklasa Games?

PKO BP Ekstraklasa Games is the prime FIFA esports competition in Poland, where the best Polish players compete for the ultimate national glory. The tournament is played exclusively on PlayStation 5 with FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Friendly Seasons mode as the default game mode.

The competition started with a Regular Season of double round-robin matches, where all 20 PKO BP Ekstraklasa clubs were each represented by a pro player. At the end of the season, the Top 4 players qualified directly to the Finals, while 5th to 12th players advanced to the Play-offs. The Grand Finals feature the Top 4 players from the Regular Season, the 2 winners of the Pay-offs and the best 2 players from the Open Finals.

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Speaking of cash prizes, this year’s PKO BP Ekstraklasa Games had a prize pool of 50,000 PLN (≃ $11,568 USD) divided among the finalists.

How did the tournament unfold?

With the conclusion of the Regular Season, we saw Damian “damie” Augustyniak (Raków Częstochowa), Szymon “Błachu” Blachowiak (Pogon Szczecin), Maksymilian “Zalewskyy” Zalewski (Lechia Gdańsk) and Bartosz “bejott” Jakubowski (Widzew Łódź) reserve their tickets to the Grand Finals in Warsaw.

The Play-offs resulted in Milosz ‘milosz93’ Bogdanowski (Legia Warsaw) and Kamil ‘Riptorek’ Soszyński (Jagiellonia Bialystok) getting their passes to the Finals, while the Ekstraklasa Open Finals concluded with the wins and qualifications of Patryk “J0K3R” Siajkowski and Tomasz “Tomek601” Legut.

The best eight players selected during the PRO and OPEN tournaments appeared last Saturday in the Polsat Games studio to fight for the most important title on the Polish FIFA scene. The competition started with two groups of four players each, and there were already surprises. “Błachu” and “Riptorek” were the first to advance to the Sunday phase of the tournament.

“Zalewskyy” – “milosz93” and “damie” – “bejott” faced each other in the decisive clashes for the exit from the groups, with “Zalewskyy” and “damie” earning the qualification to the knockouts after these two matches. The players representing the colours of Legia and Widzew had to say goodbye to the finals.

The following and final day of the tournament started with a duel between the players of Pogoń Szczecin and Rakowa Częstochowa. After a balanced battle, it ended with a score of 5-4 in favour of “Błachu”. “Riptorek” followed in his footsteps, defeating Maksymilian Zalewski and reaching the final of the winner bracket. In the loser bracket match, “damie” topped “Zalewskyy” with a 3-0 result while in the final of the winner bracket, “Błachu” proved his superiority over his rival by winning 3:1.

“Damie” and “Riptorek” fought for promotion to the Grand Final in the loser bracket with Damian Augustyniak, who was the main favorite of the competition, taking the third place. The representative of Raków, after winning the PKO BP Ekstraklasa and taking the first place in the Regular Season, dreamed of winning the Polish Championship. His plans were definitely thwarted by “Riptorek”, who started preparations for the final duel.

In the Grand Final he faced last year’s runner-up “Błachu” who was more than keen to claim his first triumph in the domestic competition. The representative of Pogoń Szczecin started from a better position, as he already defeated his opponent in the final of the winner bracket. Kamil Soszyński, however, did not let that fact affect him and quickly levelled the competition. The dominator in the last two matches of the Grand Final was “Riptorek”, who fulfilled his dream and claimed the PKO BP Ekstraklasa Games trophy.

The Champion

The Jagiellonia Białystok player won his first title and thus became the national FIFA 23 champion in Poland. He had already tasted defeat in the Finals two years ago, but this season he has shown remarkable resilience against initial setbacks in the Regular Season.

His great return to high form at the end of the season allowed him to defeat the favorites and win the gold medal. In addition to the title, “Riptorek” won a cash prize of 20,000 PLN and a qualification to the FIFA 23 Global Series Play-Offs where he will face the best pro FIFA players in the world. The same passes to this prestigious competition were given to the remaining players on the podium – Szymon “Błachu” Błachowiak and Damian “damie” Augustyniak.

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