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An Overview of FIFAe Club Series 2022

The biggest event in the FIFA Esports scene is back for 2022 and things are only getting better. With a few subtle changes compared to last year’s format and exciting new names to look forward to, the FIFAe Club Series 2022 will culminate in a final showdown in the Summer of 2022. 

Format and What’s New 

To start things off, the qualifiers for the FIFAe Club Series 2022 will be played in an online format remotely where all players participating will be competing from home in zonal tournaments. There are 12 conferences across the world this year. Additionally, there can only be a maximum of 80 clubs per conference and the conferences will be filled by the seeding process. According to FIFAe’s official website, “the first two divisions in each conference are filled directly by the top 16 clubs according to seeding”.

A pre-qualification stage with one double-elimination bracket and the remaining 64 open club slots, also filled by the seeding. At the end of this stage, eight teams will qualify to make up the third division in the official four qualifying weeks. Clubs can be relegated or promoted from their division based on their performance and the lower divisions will be eliminated before week 3 and 4 from their Conference. Only the top performing clubs qualify to the FIFAe Club Playoffs. 

These qualified clubs then enter the pinnacle event – the FIFAe Club World Cup 2022, taking place in summer 2022. There, they will be joined by clubs, qualifying from the FUT Team of the Year Cup and the FUT Team of the Season Cup respectively. With stakes as high as pinning it all on 20 free spins at Casino Martini, anything is possible. 


The Current Leaders 

 The currently top ranked teams are displayed on the official FIFAe website that allows everyone to size up the competition regularly. Based on the zones, here are the top-rated clubs for this season (all Division 1): 

  • Oceania: ORDER seem to sit comfortably at the top with 300 points and a commanding lead over Dire Wolves, a FIFA Esports regular club who are at 240 points. Placed third are Team FUTWIZ Australia at 200 points.
  • Asia: eSports Hong Kong are the claimers of the top spot with 300 points while Team Flash follow closely at 240 points. The top three is rounded up by GBX Esports Team at 200 points.
  • Middle East & Africa: 25eSports holds the top honours in this zone with Tuwalq eSports Club currently sitting second. Third is occupied by KoraGate Geekay eSports.
  • East and Central Europe: We start seeing some popular names from this zone onward with the top spot claimed by FC Köln in a tough pursuit by second-placed Genoa Esports. The top three is completed with Futbolist present on the last podium spot.
  • North Europe: Team FUTWIZ United Kingdom holds first place with Tricked Esport in second. Popular Esports team MKers make up the top three. However, Burnley Football Club and Manchester City Esports aren’t far behind either in 4th and 5th respectively.
  • West and South Europe: More familiar names pop up here with Riders in 1st position followed by DUX Gaming in 2nd and hugely popular Team Gullit in 3rd. PSV Eindhoven and Mav3ricks complete the top 5.
  • South America: Coming to Latin America, we see MGCF eSports – RMA Tech in first place. SPQR Brasil Team occupies the second spot while ELS Gaming complete the top 3. Inter eSports is surprisingly 4th in this zone but there is still some time left.
  • North America: New York City Esports places first currently, to no one’s surprise, while Essentials Gaming North America is in 2nd. Houston Dynamo FC is third with Chicago Fire FC just out of the podium places.
  • Central America & Caribbean: Last but not least, Timber Esports holds top spot in this zone with SB18 Esports and Tigres eSports completing the top 3. Keep an eye out for Gillette Infinity Esports, though, who currently sit in 4th place.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the FIFAe Club Series 2022 as the qualifiers proceed in full swing. The livestreams, potential FGS Swap news and much more is surely to drop soon and we will be here to cover it. Watch this space for future updates! 

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