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New update available for FIFA 18 Companion & Web App

After the official FIFA 18 third title update released earlier today, EA Sports dropped the first update for the FIFA 18 Companion and Web App as well which features the following changes:

FUT Web only:
– Added keyboard support for drop down menus and overlays.
– Typing in dropdown menus will navigate to the most relevant item.
– Esc and Enter keys will close/confirm overlays.

FIFA 18 Companion iOS only:
– Added a Close button and Previous/Next navigation to picker menus.
– Addressed an issue where tapping through overlays would register on other screen elements behind the overlay.

FIFA 18 Companion Android only:
– Added support for Android O features (SDK 26).

All platforms:
– Moved the Buy Now button to the main bidding panel.
– In Squad Building Challenges, added a counter for rare player and quality requirements.
– In Squad Building Challenges, changed how the “or” requirements are displayed to make them more clear.
– Addressed Search and Reset button inconsistencies between different sections.
– Previously selected players im the Compare Price flow are now remembered.

Also the following issues have been addressed on all platforms:
– The Send To Active Squad button missing for players bought in the Transfer Market
– Automatic scrolling to the top of the page on Transfer Market and Unassigned screens when performing actions.
– Selected items will now stay in focus.
– Player images not showing on special pack art.
– Being unable to un-watch expired items in Transfer Targets.
– The Previous and Next buttons missing from default searches.
– Needing to confirm twice to view a shared squad link.
– A hang when opening a shared squad link.

You can download the FIFA 18 Companion App, for free, for you preferred device here.

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