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FIFA 18 – Career Mode Hidden Gems #1

Welcome to the first part of my series, FIFA 18 – Career Mode Hidden Gems, where I will list the best FIFA 18 career mode prospects. Hope you will enjoy and please remember that the players aren’t in a specific order.

Player: Kik Pierie – SC Heerenveen (Eredivisie)

Nation: Netherlands

Age: 16

Positions: CB/LB

Value: €900k


Pierie is a big talent in the Netherlands who plays almost every game! He starts at a decent rating of 65 and has a potential of 83! He will cost you only €900k or you can activate his release clause for only €2 million! His contract ends in the first season so you might be able to get him for less then his value!

Pros: Starts with 72 pace.

Cons: Starts with 45 Stamina.

Player: Hector Villalba – Atlanta United (MLS)

Age: 22

Nation: Argentina

Positions: RM/ST

Value: €7M


This is my favourite career mode player from the last two FIFA’s! He has been upgraded to a 76 rating and only has a potential of 80! He is only 22 years old so you can train him easily to get above his potential! He also has 3* skill moves and 4* weak foot. His release clause is €15.8 million.

Pros: Very pacey (92 pace), can run through defenses very easily!

Cons: His value is €7 million so you can’t buy him with every team but I promise that he will be worth the money!

Player: Han Kwang Song – Perugia (Calcio B)

Age: 18

Nation: North Korea

Position: ST

Value: €1.6M


So this is a new big talent added to career mode this year. He starts at a 67 rating and has a great potential of 86. He is currently on loan from Cagliari to Perugia so you can’t buy him in the first season. He has 80 pace to start with.

Pros: His value is only €1.6M so he is very cheap to buy in the second season!

Cons: He only has 56 stamina and 49 strength.

Player: Cameron Gregory – Shrewsbury Town (League 2)

Age: 17

Nation: England

Position: Goalkeeper

Value: €140k


This guy is the lowest rated player that has a potential of at least 80! He starts at a 54 rating and has a potential of 80. He is 6’4″ (192 cm) so his height won’t be a problem as a GK.

Pros: He has a release clause of only €330k!

Cons: Needs a few seasons to get to a decent rating.

Player: Mitchell van Bergen – Vitesse (Eredivisie)

Age: 17

Nation: Netherlands

Positions: RW/LW

Value: €825k


You might already know him because he was a big talent last year! He has a rating of 64 and a good potential of 83. He has around 86 pace and 3* skill moves combined with 3* weak foot. His contract expires in the first season so might be a bit cheaper than usual.

Pros: He is only worth €825k with a release clause of €1.9 million!

Cons: Has 32 strength.

Player: Armando Obispo – PSV (Eredivisie)

Age: 18

Nation: Netherlands

Position: CB

Value: €575k


Obispo starts with a 63 rating and ‘only’ 79 potential. He has a release clause of  €1.4 million and also starts with 76 pace which is very good for a CB! He is 6’1″ (186 cm) tall.

Pros: The definition of a hidden gem: cheap, low rated and very unknown.

Cons: If you don’t train him he will only get to a 79 rating. Good for a small team but not if you are one of the biggest clubs.

Player: Siebe Schrijvers – Genk (Pro League)

Age: 20

Nation: Belgium

Positions: CAM/CF/RM/LM

Value: €4.3 million


Yes, you are correct, this guy had a potential of 89 back in FIFA 15. He definitely didn’t reach that potential but he is still a good talent to use. At only 20 years of age, Schrijvers is a very versatile player who can play on many different positions. He has 3* skill moves and 4* weak foot.

Pros: Good all round stats. His pace, finishing, dribbling and stamina are all around 73.

Cons: Maybe his release clause? It’s €10.2 million which is quite a bit higher than his normal value.

Player: Callum Paterson – Cardiff City (Championship)

Age: 22

Nation: Scotland

Position: RB

Value: €1.1M


You might not see this guy as a hidden gem, as he only has 76 potential. But he has one of the best stats I have seen for a 68 rated player. He has 82 pace, 92 jumping, 90 strength and 88 stamina. Quite impressive I would say. He is 6’2″ tall (187 cm) so I would recommend playing him as a CB!

Pros: His stats and release clause, which is only €2.3 million.

Cons: His potential.

Player: Jan-Fiete Arp – Hamburger SV (Bundesliga)

Age: 17

Nation: Germany

Position: ST

Value: €825k


This kid is the next big thing from HSV. He has 85 potential and starts at a 63 rating. He has 3* skill moves and 3* weak foot.

Pros: Release clause of €2.2M!

Cons: Doesn’t stand out in any of his stats. Isn’t the fastest, isn’t the best finisher either.

Player: Federico Chiesa – Fiorentina (Calcio A)

Age: 19

Nation: Italy

Position: RM

Value: €11.5M


This guy has an insane potential of 87! Already starts of as a 75 rated player. He has 3* skill moves and 4* weak foot and 82 pace plus a release clause of €21.9 million.

Pros: His potential!

Cons: 66 finishing.

Hope you have enjoyed my first post of this series! If you know other hidden gems please share them in the comments below.


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