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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Improvements

Beside the FUT Draft feature, there will also be many improvements to the Ultimate Team 16 User Interface and Broadcast Presentation as you can see bellow:

New Player Items

*Player ratings are not final.

New game, new look! Here’s a preview of the new item shapes in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.

Pack Management

55image 2 img
*Player ratings are not final.

The new ‘Tag’ feature allows you to quickly deal with multiple items from your packs. Flick the Right Stick up to tag multiple items to either list them on the Transfer List, Quick Sell, or send directly to your Club.

Find “Draft Tokens’ in random gold packs and use them in our new FUT Draft Mode.

Transfer Market

44image img

A big request from the community, you can now search for only in-form player items on the Transfer Market with the “Special” criteria.

Squad Chemistry

33image 0 img
*Player ratings are not final.

Individual Chemistry meters now help users better see the Chemistry rating of each player.

When swapping players you can now flick the Right Stick to the right to preview how adding a new player to your squad will affect the Chemistry of other players’. Players unaffected by the player swap will fade making it easier for you to understand who is affected by a particular position swap.


22image 3 img
*Player ratings are not final.

FUT 16 will contextually detect and recommend consumables based off the needs of your player. Should you find yourself missing a particular consumable you can search the Transfer Market for that item with the push of a button.

You can also use LB/RB and L1/R1 to quickly browse through your Consumables pile without leaving the screen.

Player Swap

11image 1 img
*Player ratings are not final.

You can now swap your entire squad more efficiently using the new Player Swap screen. Use LT/RT or L2/R2 to switch between multiple positions on the pitch without ever leaving the screen.

New Pack Animation


Un video pubblicato da EA SPORTS FIFA (@easportsfifa) in data:

New pack opening: featuring a more suspenseful pack animation that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

New Broadcast Presentation

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*Player ratings are not final.

In FIFA 16, FUT matches now include a brand-new specific broadcast presentation giving you a unique experience every time your squad steps on to the pitch.

The commentators now know and talk your FUT Club. Dynamic commentary reacts to the statistics and history of your Club. If a particular player on your team scores a milestone goal, they’ll mention his achievement.

Matches will also include more information about your players. Pre-match graphics and team line-ups now feature FUT items and squad screens before kick-off. Player items and stats will appear on the screen and highlight when a player performs a key action on the pitch or is brought on after substitution.

Quite the list huh? What’s your favourite FUT improvement? Tell us in the comment box bellow.

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