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FIFA 16 Suggestions & Ideas

EA Sports wants to hear your suggestions and ideas for the next FIFA title! Tell us in the comment box bellow or in this thread what would you like to improve or add in your favourite football simulation game.  Note that your suggestions will be passed on to the FIFA producers themselves, so be very specific on what you write!

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  1. Hi, I’m a big fan of “Be a Pro” in career mode… and i had this thought since i really like “Be a Pro” camera, but wouldn’t be great to add the first person camera to it to give players an in depth and different level to the game, this can be very helpful for real footballers who wants to play professionally….

  2. So the Soccer Aid game is coming up next year and it would be sick to get FUT Soccer Aid player cards and those teams for kick off

  3. As an avid and longstanding Fifa player I would appreciate if someone took note of these suggestions:
    1) a huge focus on championship grounds (especially Brighton, Fulham and Nottingham forest), some notable other grounds in lower leagues (eg the keepmoat) and players/main players in those leagues would prove a great addition to the game. regular player head scan updates would greatly improve the realism of the game which I believe separates the game from pro evo (it would also greatly improve the boring FA and league cup tournaments which don’t stimulate me at all playing as a premier league team)
    2) the removal of attending press conferences in career mode as they serve no real purpose
    3) having been excited by the arrival of training exercises in career mode, I feel the process is long and arduous when you are regularly achieving A and B grades, and simulating them should be more like previous results. Or an alternative way of growth.
    4)different goal nets! I’ve seen this suggestion online and I think this would be great! E.g. The ones in Germany
    5) bring back the champions league. I understand this is something that pro evo has the rights over but please get them back when they’re available! The authentic champions league ball, the music and everything that comes with it! (Perhaps different themes for each tournament on the career home page to get ‘in the zone’)
    6)different goalkeepers kits??
    7)ability to change kit numbers by seeing who has the number already like on old fifa titles
    8) an easier way of changing boots for multiple players so as to keep up-to-date
    9)shooting! My hands are hurting afterwards as you have to hold onto the buttons a lot more for power and height. FIFA 15 was the opposite and a mixture of the two would be perfect. 1 v 1s on Fifa 15 felt more realistic as you could place shots lower (along the ground like real life finishes)and tuck them into the corner with great precision. I feel that you can’t place the balls in the same way this year. They elevate
    10)hugs/special hand shakes pre-match for international team mates/ex team mates
    11)getting the managers involved in the ball coming towards them on the sidelines (stopping it or letting it go and time wasting)
    12)more focus on individual achievements like Barclays player of the month or top scorer which would increase growth for players especially younger players.
    13)trusox on players
    14)the narrowness of the massive extension to Nike hypervenoms which looks ridiculous and other boots with sock-like collars
    Finally, just wanted to say a big thank you for continuing to make the game as realistic as ever.

    As a man Utd fan I love how you’re updating the head scans for the younger players as that’s what every fan loves. Seeing Wilson and pereira in the team and scoring is brilliant.

    The little things make all the difference for people like me who have watched and played football all their life so carry on doing what your doing. Hope this helps. Would be open to sharing any more thoughts or ideas with you guys and in improving the game even more.


  4. A coin toss and kick off or half selection before each game.
    The choice of different combinations from the home and away kits. For example, Manchester United will wear black shorts with their red shirt if the other team wears white ones.
    Fans leaving their seats early if their team is getting hammered.
    Be selected as a sub in player career mode.
    Different commentator and co-commentator combinations.
    Get Jeff Stellling and Chris Kamara involved some how.

  5. FUT:
    Make it possible to assign different kits badge and stadia to different squads.
    Also track each squad’s stats and record

  6. add more hairstyles
    players being able to change the hairstyle to realistic ones
    licensed leagues for top ten leagues
    realistic club owners / presidents
    Be the manager
    lower be a pro age at the beginning
    being able to be playing for the actual youth team when beginning be a pro to get noticed by your club or other club to sign you
    more national teams like Ghana and Nigeria
    better images of players, including your be a pro
    being able to train your players in both be a pro or become a manager
    change kit every 1-2

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