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FIFA 16 Achievements List (Update)

The FIFA 16 achievements lists for last-gen (Xbox 360) and current-gen (Xbox One) have been revealed earlier today with a total of 44 achievements to be unlocked on the last-gen platform and 56 on the current-gen:

The following achievements are available only on current-gen platforms (Xbox ONE/PS4/PC):

Try-outs in FIFA 16
Try-outs 15 (15)
Use all 7 substitutions in a Pre-Season game in Career Mode
Head start in FIFA 16
Head start 15 (15)
Win a Pre-Season tournament in Career Mode
All bases covered in FIFA 16
All bases covered 15 (15)
Complete all basic Skill Games
Teacher's pet in FIFA 16
Teacher’s pet 15 (15)
Get an A grade for all the drills in a Skill Games category
Lead by example in FIFA 16
Lead by example 15 (15)
Improve 1 attribute in Player Career Mode
I'll do it myself in FIFA 16
I’ll do it myself 15 (15)
Play 5 training drills in Manager Career Mode
Proving grounds in FIFA 16
Proving grounds 15 (15)
Play a Drop-In Match in Pro Clubs
More to come in FIFA 16
More to come 15 (15)
Complete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match
Just a little off the sides in FIFA 16
Just a little off the sides 15 (15)
Change your Online Pro haircut
Grab the popcorn in FIFA 16
Grab the popcorn 15 (15)
Watch an EA SPORTS News video
Going Pro in FIFA 16
Going Pro 15 (15)
Join a club with your Online Pro and play your first match in Pro Clubs
We are the champions in FIFA 16
We are the champions 30 (30)

Win a Division Title in Online Head to Head Seasons (must be obtained through game-play)


The following achievements are available on both last and current-gen platforms (Xbox 360,PS3,PC,Xbox One,PS4):

Can't Touch This in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Can’t Touch This 15 (15)
Beat an opposing player using no touch dribbling
Threading the needle in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Threading the needle 15 (15)
Assist a goal using a driven ground pass
Take Aim in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Take Aim 30 (30)
Have 100% shot accuracy in a match (10 shots minimum)-
I am the boss in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
I am the boss 15 (15)
Substitute your star player in a match (highest rated player in the team)
I brought the ball in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
I brought the ball 15 (15)
Have more than 65% possession in a match
Fair Play in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Fair Play 15 (15)
Finish a match without conceding a foul against you (offsides do not count)
Around the wall in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Around the wall 15 (15)
Score a goal with a curled shot from a free kick
Set-piece specialist in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Set-piece specialist 15 (15)
Score 2 goals from a corner in a match
It's a lottery in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
It’s a lottery 15 (15)
Win a penalty shoot-out
Go for it! in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Go for it! 15 (15)
During open play, score a long-distance goal with a defender (25 yards out)
Half-Time pep-talk in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Half-Time pep-talk 15 (15)
Win a match against the Legendary CPU after being down at half-time
The Invincibles in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
The Invincibles 80 (80)
Win all 4 matches in an Online Draft Mode session in FIFA Ultimate Team
Testing the Waters in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Testing the Waters 15 (15)
Win all 4 matches in a Single Player Draft Mode session in FIFA Ultimate Team
Legacy in the making in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Legacy in the making 30 (30)
First appearance of a player bought from the Transfer Market in Ultimate Team
FUT 50 in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
FUT 50 105 (105)
Have a player score their 50th goal at the club in FIFA Ultimate Team
No hard feelings, right? in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
No hard feelings, right? 15 (15)
Win a Friendly Season in FIFA Ultimate Team
Trial offer in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Trial offer 15 (15)
Sign a Loan Player from the EASFC Catalogue
A loyal ally is hard to find in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
A loyal ally is hard to find 15 (15)
Buy a player from the FUT Transfer Market and earn his loyalty by playing 10 or more games with him
Molded to perfection in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Molded to perfection 15 (15)
Apply your first Chemistry Style consumable in FUT
Trial of Power in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Trial of Power 15 (15)
Challenge and complete a match against the Team of the Week in FUT
Class of '16 in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Class of ’16 15 (15)
Win a division title in FUT Seasons
Mutiny! in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Mutiny! 15 (15)
Change your captain in FUT
Adding some context in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Adding some context 15 (15)
Play a full match with the “FIFA Trainer” overlays turned on
Dream-team in progress in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Dream-team in progress 30 (30)
Sign a world class player in manager Career mode (80+ rated)
Going up? in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Going up? 25 (25)
Earn a Promotion in Seasons
Friendship test in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Friendship test 15 (15)
Finish an Online Friendlies Season
Social craving in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Social craving 15 (15)
Share an EA SPORTS Football Club Activity
Giving back in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Giving back 15 (15)
Gift an EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue item
All for myself in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
All for myself 15 (15)
Purchase an EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue item
We’re in the game! in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
We’re in the game! 15 (15)
Play a women’s football match
New Silverware in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
New Silverware 25 (25)
Win the Women’s International Cup tournament
5 Star performance in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
5 Star performance 15 (15)
Score 5 goals in a women’s football match
I got this! in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
I got this! 15 (15)
Perform a slide tackle and keep possession of the ball in a women’s football match
Got flair? in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Got flair? 15 (15)
Score a goal with Flair Shot in a women’s football match
You Struck Gold! in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
You Struck Gold! 25 (25)
Scout and find a player with any combination of 3 GTN player attributes
Management at its best in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Management at its best 50 (50)
Win a Trophy as a Team manager
From zero to hero in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
From zero to hero 30 (30)
Get your Play as Player to be featured in the Team of the Week
Baby steps in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Baby steps 15 (15)
Complete all Drills in FIFA Basics
Quiz completed in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Quiz completed 15 (15)
Fill up all Team Sheets slots
Start the quiz in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Start the quiz 15 (15)
Create a New Team Sheet
Gold acquisition in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Gold acquisition 15 (15)
Buy a player which is in a league above you
Never quit in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Never quit 30 (30)
Play a consecutive match in Seasons
Just for inspiration in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Just for inspiration 15 (15)
Copy a Squad from the end of an online match in FIFA Ultimate Team
Play Beautiful in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)
Play Beautiful 60 (60)
Score a goal after 10 consecutive passes in the opposing third of the pitch

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