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Send your FIFA 14 Suggestions

ImageDo you have some cool ideas for the future FIFA title? Do you want to improve or add something new? Then this is your chance to make yourself heard! You can post all your FIFA 14 suggestions and ideas in this thread and we will send them to the main FIFA Series Producer! Remember to be specific on your suggestions and that they are well explained!

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  1. 1. More realism in AI’s transfers in Manager mode. Improve their intelligence so they would buy players they actually need and also, decide not to sell their key players for all the money in the world.

    2. More tactical flexibility. Try and give very team different style. For example; a team can start with a very high pressing from the beginning of the match, not only in the last 5-10 minutes if they’re losing. Different moves from players with different tactics and formations. More runs being made by fullbacks behind the defence etc..

    3. Big vs small… For me, it is unrealistic that for example Chievo attack Juventus from the kick-off, or Getafe vs Barcelona, etc… Give the AI that sense of respect for the bigger team, let them park the bus, play on counter attacks etc..

    4. Improve AI’s and users defence. Players tend to drop out too much, especially when AI is chasing the result in the final minutes. It is almost certain that I will score at least one goal on the counter EVERY time. Also, when I pass the ball to my striker, who is facing the opponents goal with his back and has the opposition defender on his back I can always dribble him just by moving the ball to side and facing the goal right away, EVERY time. Improve those reactions.

    5. Improve reactions of opposition players when I dribble past them. They almost don’t even try to get the ball back, just running lighter behind my player. Make them more persistent.

    6. Improve referees. Especially when it comes to penalties. They give the call for penalty too easy even if the tackle is completely clear, especially sliding tackles.

    7. Reduce the number of handballs. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing handball instead of soccer.

    8. Reduce the number of chip shots or Panenka shots from the penalty spot. In real life we see that move very rarely but in FIFA 13 it is a common thing; at least 2-3 penalty’s like that per a shootout.

    9. Improve goalkeeper reactions when a player dribbles him or goes round him. Make him get up quickly and try to get the ball again.

    10. AI makes far less fouls than users. Again, make the AI more persistant. Let more “battle” going on and more fouls.

    11. Improve the ball physique. Make it more bouncy. First touch error is a great thing but the ball physique doesn’t really correspond with it. More bouncy, make it look heavier, if you know what I mean.

    12. Player development in manager mode is too quick and unrealistic. Slow it down a little bit.

    13. More leagues and more stadiums, that is always an imperative.

  2. – Bulgaria A PFG
    – Turkey Süper Lig
    – Greece Super League
    – Czech Gambrinus liga
    – More teams to REST WORLD: HJK, CFR Cluj, BATE Borisov, Dynamo Kyiv, APOEL, AEL Limassol, Maribor, Partizan, Vaslui etc etc because it’s more fun if in Europa League or Champions League are new and different teams. Not all the time same teams.
    – Real logos and jerseys to all teams, national teams too
    – More countries to find new young talents

  3. 1. Intro to Romanian League 1 (liga1) just that

  4. Automatic subs option button

  5. No more teams with speed stratospheric speeds make it a reality. Only manual controls for FIFA 14, improving the defense is playing to control the defense and not the machine, permanently delete the automatic defense. Improve pelotasos excessive speed game for playing the ball is not very fast. best decisions of arbitration. Improve the match when searching online rivals, yet find in manuals juegen players full control. Add all the selection that participated in the World Cup.

  6. ***only visualisation part***
    – better and realistic stadiums (at least part which is visible in the gameplay )
    – crowd closer to pitch (example old traford)
    – realistic adboards and closer to sideline
    – every big stadium already has fully electronics adboards (why fifa 13 not?)
    – larger billboards in adboards
    – better goal net (much more thinner)
    – game looks very sharp and clean ( little bit fog is more realistic for stadiums )
    – own setting or better match time in online mode (time 12:00h etc. is so unrealistic for big match)
    – more replays for chances and longer replays for goal
    – in camera setting add angle
    – more crowd chants and choreo
    – licenced tournament mode
    …all the rest are doing good modders… 🙂

  7. ***- Bring back usage of Pro when using career mode or at least option to use old pro from old career
    ***- Change the ping pong passing system of opposition deep in their half to more longer passing to forward/midfield
    ***- Improve the handball system, its really bad
    **- More national teams and clubs
    **- More graphical improvements and options such as better DOF, different types of Anti-Aliasing(SSAO, FXAA and MLAA) and better lighting etc.
    – Implementation of yellow cards for ANY handballs in La Liga
    – Addition of option to change Camera Angle using slider or numerical
    – Better Paced games(Especially slower than FIFA 13!)
    – Smarter defending
    – More freedom of playing in different position in teams like FIFA 12
    – MORE challenging gameplay
    – MORE fouling of AI players especially close to box

  8. Please put all great players who are still playing even though they no more play in teams who will be in fifa 14,please put them in free transfer sections like for example ricardo quaresma,milos krasic,dirk kuyt,moussa sow and many others.

  9. improve goal keeper intelligence

  10. Improve the youth team in manager mode.
    Control your youth team.
    Send players from basic team to youth team.
    U-21 National Teams.
    Make 9-10 subst. when playing an amical or a friendly to test more players.
    Thats all 🙂

  11. Romanian league (Liga 1)

  12. We would appreciate more African teams like Ghana and Nigeria.
    Also the first touch control should be well optimized.
    we need some good rain effects,sweat and wet effects.
    It should also be well optimized for low pcs jst like the fifa 13 did.

  13. 1. Manager mode – better and more realistic player deals and what will be interesting is, try to make the “old time” manager mode, where probably you start off from year 2002 or 2004 ( which ever ), and starts your career with all the legends, that will be cool if it’s included in fifa 14.

    2. Change C.Ronaldo’s sprinting movement ( Where he swings his arms like a boss ) ? :p

    Thanks, hope no. 1 will be considered !

  14. please put hebrew in the game and one team from israel (maccabi haifa please :D, or just israel national team)

  15. 1. Realistic Ball Physics.
    2. More Stadiums.
    3. New Leagues with licenses.
    4. More celebrations.
    5. Improvement in Career and Manager Modes.
    6. Be a Pro Mode as in FIFA 12.
    7. FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 Brazil DLC.
    8. And Finally, Improvement in Ultimate Team.

  16. Uefa champions league licensed

  17. need to include cinematic celebrations again. there is no feeling when u score a goal. if you score a goal the atmosphere should be better. and the option of cinematic celebrations or own celebration should be there.

  18. 1.At First licensed Uefa champions league and Euro league.

    2.As club teams choose the player International Teams.

    3.Do not put any lock iteams.

    4.Increase International Teams of ASIA and AFRICA.

  19. lan play(online free)
    romanian league
    romania commentaries
    more substitutions and fouls
    and a creation center for realoded fifa 14

  20. Goalkeeper get injured when a player is 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper.

  21. Hi! There is some ideas for FIFA 14 and next ones:
    1 – Did you see the Matías Mologni’s dribble this week? Put it in the game!
    2 – Put official shirts of Brazil. All big national teams are officials, but not this one…it’s a shame…
    3 – Add argentina, turkish and ukraine championship.
    4 – In carreer mode, the teams would have the real B teams (like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Benfica…) should be able to use them with the real young players…it would be much more realistic, and there are very good players there! And when we use scounting, the players that are found should go to that B team.
    4 – Make a much more realistic introduction before starting the game…to see the stadium inside is good, but if we could see it outside, with a helicopter’s view, watching suporters around the stadium, that would be much more bether!
    5 – I think that all the players should be able to try all the dribbles… I explaine: in real life, all of them can try it. But not all of theme will make it work. If I would made a 5 star dribble with a non thecnical player he would loss the ball, but with a technicall player he would make it right. Let us have liberty of choice. If some one want to make a difficult dribble with a bad player, let it do, but he will lost the ball at 99,9% of the times. Same think with acrobatic shoots: all of them can try, but bad players will faile the ball or will made a terrible shoot.
    6 – The way like Cristiano Ronaldo runs is terrible…is it that way that you see it in real like??? Impossible! I don’t see ir that way! You need to fixed it…

    I hope that some ideas will be in next Fifa games:)

  22. Hello!
    I d’like to tell you some of my ideas for fifa 14. Please take a look and read this.

    I like playing CAREER MODE.
    I’m going to tell you some of my ideas for career mode. I think playing a career mode will be more fun and interesting and playing with more passion if you accept my ideas..

    ( A scoring ranking list of all players who scored in career when you played from first season and to the last season.So you can see Who is the top scorer of all time in any league or in all leagues together.How Many goals player scores for different clubs etc..So players can break records etc etc.. )

    ( That you can see what have you won and how many times with your manager or player in your career ) (And also Trophy leaders.)

    ( More real world managers, and an option of manager transfer )
    + Creating your own manager, change his suits etc..

    ( better and realistic goals celebrations, trophy ceremony, fans celebrations etc…)



    Thank you, i hope you read this and you will think about all that things.

  23. plz i beg u add lan playing


  25. EA look at est europe leagues and choose a team from:
    Romania (Steaua Bucuresti was the winner of the league and last year beat Ajax and Chelsea and now they are in UCl and choose Petrolul Ploiesti too or Dinamo Bucuresti)
    Bulgaria(Ludogoret andSofia)
    And 3 teams from Ukrania(Shatkar, Dinamo kiew and Metalist
    BUT think really much about Steaua Bucaresti, they beat many teams that are in fifa; Sttugard, Molde,Legia,Kopenhaga,Ajax,Chelsea and they have an UCL and a Europa SUPER Cup, they beat Baceloana in the final of 1986 <3 , in this team Duckadam saved 4 penaltys in a row and made a mondial record,in this team HAGI played,we are in Europenian copetions year buy year,in 2007 you put the the romanian league , that was the best feel , Steaua have 12 millions of fans PLEASE PUT STEAUA BUCURESTI IN FIFA 14

  26. If you could update the pictures of the players transferred in the last Mercato. Example: Ozil is playing for Arsenal, but still has a Real shirt in his picture. It’s not realistic at all.

  27. mai taci in pula mea de retardat disperatule repeti acelasi cacat am batut aia am batut aia
    ps: 12 milioane de fani? esti retardat sau doar retardat lol =))

  28. How to improof football

  29. Instant replay must take place in the game to insure justice .if the chalanging team lose the chalange they also lose one substitute.

  30. Classic club teams, clubs greatest 11 plus subs. Maybe have classic career mode for it. Or maybe even make a whole new fifa series classic edition excuse the whole classic heavy theme!

  31. They should add FC Porto’s new Winger, Ricardo Quaresma, into Fifa Ultimate Team. Quaresma is in very good form right now, scoring a number of goals for FC Porto. Ricardo Quaresma is in the game, but he cannot be bought in Ultimate team.

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