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Tips for FIFA Gamers on the PC

It has been frequently noted that the PC has risen from the initial deficit after the creation of video consoles and now gets better revenues than their counterparts. And, while FIFA is often seen a game for consoles, both versions have been almost identical for a few years.

In fact, last year’s edition was the first one to go toe-to-toe with the likes of the PS3 and Xbox 360 and that was from the knowledgeable mouth of executive producer Kaz Makita who said “This is the moment all PC gamers have been waiting for, as they are finally going to fully experience the award-winning FIFA gameplay”. So with everything on a level playing field, it’s time to understand how to master the PC version with these tips:

  • Gaming Mouse – While a generic mouse tends to be sufficient for a lot of games, real-time strategy and sports games are often aided with a better design. It is the fly DPI sensitivity changes that are probably the most important and this mixed with added comfort, programmable buttons and lighter/heavier weight (based on preference) makes it easier to evade players with keybound skill moves.
  • Gaming keyboard or controller? – The answer to this one is very subjective but general consensus is that controllers rule the day. For gamers who haven’t migrated to consoles though it will be all about the keyboards. The ease of use for the controllers and market share has won the day for most in the UK and US but with big PC markets across Germany, Poland and Russia there is call for the keyboard and a good one can take gaming to another level. A gaming keyboard is probably a better investment if you play other games and you can add shortcuts to increase ease.
Improving performance

Whatever you choose to use to improve gaming, the key is reaction times. A debate that has raged for a while is a wireless versus a wired mouse. Batteries are one issue, losing connection is another and reaction times can prove decisive in online gaming. Many believe that wireless leads to jumpy and unreliable gaming and while technology continues to improve some will tell you to steer well clear.

With two graphics cards and the game using Catalyst Eyefinity, the visuals are something that can’t be matched on a console. Depending on what configurations your PC has you can choose the resolution and crank up resolution and performance to take advantage on using this version.

When you download PC games there’s always a concern as to whether you can run it or not and while the minimum spec hasn’t changed from last year you need a dual-core machine, 1.8GHz with a baseline of around 6800 GT. As with many games, upgrades and higher specs are recommended and the main thing to buy is the graphics card.

Getting ahead of the curve

It’s all about responding to demand quickly and EA have noticed particular areas of the globe where PC gaming is integral to the market. With everything like the next-gen engine now available on FIFA 13 for PC it is a time that you could try migrating to the old favourite.

Make sure it is working on top form by checking performance information, delete temporary files, check and update drivers, graphics and DirectX, checking hard disk and making sure the visual effects are on top settings.

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  1. To hell with consoles. And I bet the next gen consoles won’t be bought by most gamers. Only couch potatoes and really rich people would buy them because for the potatoes “exercise” is done while the rich want all platforms for bragging rights usually and because they can.

    PC rules and will rule forever! 😀

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