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.:: Sunday Web Roundup ::.

A new Sunday Web Roundup post is up and ready!This week we have some interesting mods that we’ve found on the web!Check them bellow:


Overlays Changer 1.0 RePacked by GlauberBatista & Zlatan87


FIFA 12 Gameplay Evolution AI & DB v 2.0 by Fidel

2012 Font Pack Vol.1 by eafh
Home Kit Chelsea 12/13 by Mateus Guedes

ESPN LIVE Scoreboard by Danilo Pinheiro

2.Deutsche Bundesliga Adboards by Dennynho & Robse

2. Bundesliga Flag Pack by Geißbock23 & Pomme

Nike Seitiro T90 Ball – Brasileirão 2012 by Mateus Guedes
Mini Faces Pack Ligue 1 & Ligue 2 by Sebastiien86
Ligue 1 2011/2012 Chants Pack
Premier League 11/12 Chants Pack
Polish Clubs Chants Pack by darrek1988

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  1. please help me!
    how can i install the scoreboards in fifa?what i have to do?please explain to me

  2. Avatar photo

    @Tibi: Paste the overlay file in …FIFA 12\Game\data\ui\game\overlays and regenerate with i86 regenerator

    @masoud: Thanks!I updated the link!

  3. how to install overlays changer? pls answer

  4. how to regenerate when iam regenraring it is cominf progmes file fifa 11

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