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.:: Sunday Web Roundup ::.

A new Sunday Web Roundup is up and we have a new addon to our weekly post: the editing tutorials!Check out the best patches & tutorials made for FIFA 12 this week on the web:

.:: Patches ::.

.:: kgbaseball’s Updated Roster 2.10 ::.

.:: FIFA 12 Tattoo Part 3 by Editing Generation ::.


.:: adidas Tango 12 Ballset by Adrizrace44 ::.

.:: Stade M. D’Ornano (Caen) New version by Ludo ::.

.:: Russian Premier League Logo Pack by Robse ::.

.:: National Teams Logo Pack by TeneCee ::.

.:: Cups Logos Patch by aresMX ::.

.:: C.R. Flamengo 12/13 Full Kit Pack by Mateus Guedes ::.

.:: Alemannia Aachen Kit Pack by Mighty Mouse & haribofan ::.

.:: Tutorials ::.

Face Gen Modeller to FIFA11/12 Faces Tutorial by du_oro10

How to use the Stadium Worker 12 by Ludo

Flag Tutorial for Newbies by ZhivkoBGR

Tutorial Tattoo + Face Update by Editing Generation

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  1. Avatar photo

    Can someone explain me how to install the scoreboards? I alway put them in the right map and run the regenerator, but they never work. Please help me!

  2. Avatar photo

    To instal scoreboard is very easy
    just put your new scoreboard in data – ui – game – overlay
    if you don’t have the folder yet just make it by yourself.
    then regenerator

  3. Avatar photo

    just put it your new scoreboard in game – data – ui – overlay

    then regenerate


  4. Avatar photo


    As I said, I put them in that folder and then run the regenerator, but it doesn’t work

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