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.:: Sunday Web Roundup ::.

There are many great graphic patches in this week’s Sunday Web Roundup!Check them out:

.:: Improved FIFA 12 Graphics V.3 by Editing Generation ::.

.:: Stade Gerland Real Stadium Boards by VK ::.

.:: Stamford Bridge Real Stadium Boards by VK ::.

.:: FIFA 12 Scoreboards by Pinheiro ::.

.:: FIFA Series World Update by Morpheus ::.

.:: FIFA 12 Transfer Update January 2012 by Editing Generation ::.

.:: Ligue 1 & Ligue 2 Logo Pack by Robse ::.

.:: Ligue 1 Flag Pack by Geißbock23 ::.

.:: Primera Division Flag Pack by Jarroo & Sopel ::.

.:: Russian Premier League Flag Pack by KrysH89 ::.

.:: Brazilian Nike Kit Packs 12/13 by Mateus Guedes ::.

.:: FIFA 12 Tournaments & Leagues Logo Update by eafh ::.


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  1. The roster patch corrupted my carrier, plus I can’t start a new one -_-

  2. Avatar photo

    It modifies the database so of course you won’t be able to continue your career!Try to regenerate and see if you can start a new career!

  3. where do i find the db file,to install the january transfer update

  4. When I downloaded the tournaments and logo pack where, to put it?

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