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.:: FIFA 12 Gamescom Roundup ::.

Yesterday gamescom started and also with it many news about FIFA 12 was released!

First of all as many of you already know the demo will be launched on 13th of september this year!Bellow you can view the trailer that was shown yesterday at the presentation of FIFA 12!

The demo will have 6 teams:

– Barcelona

– AC Milan

– Arsenal

– Borussia Dortmund

– Manchester City

– Olympique Marseille

And they will play on one stadium,the home of Manchester City,Etihad Stadium!

There will be 3 minutes halves and all gameplay modes available (amateur,semi-pro,pro & world-class)

(credits to fifasoccerblog for the info)

Also directly from gamescom we have a Q&A with the FIFA 12 producer,David Rutter:

In the meantime EA released today a set of 9 screens featuring the PC & console version of FIFA 12 .The only problem is that you wont notice any difference between them:

If you checked Youtube in the past hours you could have seen some new amateur gameplay footages of FIFA 12 from gamescom,in case you didn’t you can view some of them bellow:

(credits to RIQ363 for uploading these videos!Check his channel for more gameplay videos!)

This ends our roundup post about FIFA 12 at gamescom!We will return with more news and media stuff next week!


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  1. awesome gameplay, i always wanted a better movement gameplay like this

  2. Man …realy awesome….i cant wait till 13th sep

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