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.:: Regularcat’s Gameplay V.8 ::.

Today we have a new gameplay patch for you! Our modder regularcat made up a new version of his old gameplay and I reffer to the v.8 of his gameplay that contains the next features:

– Attack –

  • Better cpu attacking, better build up, better passing, better shooting & more.
  • Reconstructed attack from v.7 gameplay

– Defense –

  • Better cpu defending, better tackling, tighter marking, more cpu sliding tackling.
  • Better help from 2nd defender & more.
  • Reconstructed defending from v.6 gameplay.

– Goalkeepers –

  •  Goalkeppers play off  individual attributes, some more aggresive than others, quicker & smarter in all aspects.

– Gameplay –

  • More & harder fouls, more cards given, slower pace of the game, stamina adjusted.
  • Teams & players aggression levels change in individual situations, better jostling.
  • New & more realistic ball physics for good weather & rain, more teams assigned special ai parameters.
  • Slowed down the meter speeds for shooting, crossing, lob passing & through balls for difficulty allowing the cpu to get into better positioning to make a play on the human.


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One comment

  1. I think there is a problem with the keeper.

    Whenever he have the ball in his hand , he can’t seems to kicked the ball the ball just fell on the ground and he just kick the air (look pretty funny) and same happen when he throws the ball with hand the ball again fall on the ground

    I replaced the ai files for config.dat and ini.big

    Oh and I am using “FIFA KOREA Worldwide Super Patch 2010 v.3 – WC Mode”

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