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.:: First FIFA 13 Screen ::.

Yes,you read the title right!We’ve got the first official FIFA 13 screen!Check it bellow now:

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  1. omg i was actualy thinking WTF man how did they got the first picture of fifa 13 nice one fifa-infinity 😉

  2. i hate april fool day ……………………….keep ruining my birthday

  3. nice one…what was i thinking, remember this happened last year??

  4. I actually belive it xD because of fifa street, good one anyway

  5. Ajajajajaajajajaaja. By God as I could be so stupid, I must say that I really believed it. That good humor. Greetings from Argentina to all.

  6. OMG…shame on me.I COMPLETELY BELIEVED IT.By the way nice trick FIFA-INFINITY.Love you as always

  7. hahahahaha………you make me fool. but good joke.

  8. hahahahahaha…..good joke.

  9. ahahahaah last year was the same joke =))

  10. hhhhhh
    I just thought that I will see the first pic of fifa 13 hh

  11. Recibe:

    La FIFA para los tontos

    Pobre idiota
    PD: jaja caí , saludos desde argentina

  12. damn game devolopers are really forward…i was really amazed when i saw that pic,but anyways cant wait till its released….

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