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EA Sports Introduces FC Pro Draft

EA Sports FC 24 is taking a significant leap forward in enhancing its eSports program with the launch of FC Pro Draft.

This innovative feature transforms the gaming experience by introducing strategic squad building as a core element, mirroring the decision-making process players engage in during their personal gameplay.

This development not only adds a new layer of complexity and realism to the virtual football world but also bridges the gap between the strategy of real-world football management and the virtual gaming experience. The same strategy can be applied to other online games like slots with bonus at Bets.io casino which can reward player with some hefty prizes.

By integrating these aspects, EA Sports FC 24 is set to deliver a more immersive and engaging eSports environment than ever before.

What is FC Pro Draft?

FC Pro Draft is a new element in EA SPORTS FC 24 competitions. For the first time, building squad-building becomes a central aspect of the esport. Players have to make important decisions about their team, just like they do when playing the game at home.

In FC Pro Draft, pro players are given a budget in coins to build their squad. For example, in the FC Pro Open Global Qualifier, the budget was 8,000,000 coins. Players need to create a full squad, including their starting eleven and substitutes, within this budget and submit it before the deadline.

The cost of each player in the draft is based on their price in the game’s transfer market. These prices are fixed at a certain point each week, and players use these values to assemble their teams.

Besides the coin budget, there may be other requirements for the squad. These could include using player items from Ultimate Team events like Trailblazers or Centurions, or featuring players from specific leagues and countries.

Over the course of FC Pro 24, there will be various Draft requirements, challenging competitors to showcase their team-building skills.

Fans Can Participate Too

Fans aren’t left out. They can see the drafted squads on draft.fcpro.com and use the same tools to create and submit their own dream teams. Some fan-created squads might even be featured during FC Pro broadcasts.

Upcoming Events

After the FC Pro Open Global Qualifier, 20 pro players who qualify will prepare their draft squads for upcoming events:

  • Match Week 1 – 27th Nov, 2023 
  • Match Week 2 – 4th Dec, 2023 
  • Match Week 3 – 11th Dec, 2023 
  • Match Week 4 –18th Dec, 2023
  • Match Week 5 – 8th Jan , 2024 
  • Match Week 6 –15th Jan, 2024 
  • Match Week 7 – 22nd Jan, 2024 
  • Match Week 8 – 29th Jan, 2024 
  • Final – 3rd Feb, 2024

The FC Pro Open Championship boasts a $500,000 prize pool. Competitors must carefully select their squads to aim for a higher rank in the final standings in order to claim a bigger portion of the prize pool.

The addition of the FC Pro Draft to EA Sports FC 24 marks a turning point in the realm of eSports and virtual football gaming. By bringing a new level of strategic depth and engagement, it not only enhances the competitive experience for the players but also offers fans a unique way to interact and engage with the game.

As the upcoming events unfold, starting with the FC Pro Open Global Qualifier and culminating in the FC Pro Open Championship with its substantial prize pool, both competitors and fans alike are set to experience the thrill and challenge of virtual football management.

This innovative feature underscores EA Sports’ commitment to evolving and enriching the gaming experience, promising an exciting future for eSports enthusiasts and football fans worldwide.

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