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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usFIFA Infinity is back in business in the new season, being the first team who has created a fully authentic league patch for the newest game that is FIFA 12.After the last year succes of CRLP 11, we are back with an even better, more stable version of what you have played last time.Complete Romanian League Patch 12 – Volume 1 is our first step in trying to bring in your FIFA the unique feeling of Liga 1 Bergenbier.The first volume of CRLP 12 will bring the main features of the romanian championship in FIFA 12, plus many new key additions, in order to make sure your experience is indeed, unique. Embark on a 15 years Career and prove your player and manager skills, living moments that you have never had before. Making a closer look to our key features, we are very pleased to confirm the following content in CRLP 12 – v1:

• All 18 Liga 1 Bergenbier teams are fully licensed, containing:
– Up to date rosters (November 18th)
– Home, Away and 3rd kits (11/12 Season)
– High-Quality Logos
– Top notch minifaces
– Real Club Budgets
– Accurate player skills
– Real player heights, weights and birthdays
– Custom Team Tactics & Chants
• Romanian League and Cup featured in both Career Mode and Tournament Mode
• Specific “Liga 1 Bergenbier” stadium adboards, team flags, scoreboards, official balls, and more
• Many other additions and touches to the game
• Small, fast, easy to use and beautiful looking patch installer


• Unfortunately, because several new teams have been added, your old career will not work anymore,you must start a new one !!!

1) After you have downloaded CRLP 12 – Volume 1, open the downloaded file (Complete Romanian League Patch 12 – Volume 1), starting this way the addon Installer.
2) Make sure to select your FIFA 12 Folder (not the “Game” one !!!) when asked to browse your main FIFA folder path. For example, if your FIFA is installed in “D:\Games\FIFA 12″, select this directory in the Installer box and wait until the process is being finished.
3) Enjoy the first authentic league patch for FIFA 12 !

In case you dont see the Liga I try the next steps:
 1) Go to “My Fifa -> Edit -> Edit Squads -> Reset Squads”
 2) Regenerate using iard86 Regenerator (1st option)

Chants Installation:

Video Tutorial to Install the Chants by virtual_razvan

Video Tutorial to Install the Chants by Denis

• Go to your FIFA 12 main folder, where you will find a folder called “Chants”. Copy all the folders located inside, and I repeat, inside this folder (not the folder itself) in your Windows “My Music” folder.
• When you are in game, find the “Customise FIFA” section -> “My Music & Chants” -> “Custom Music & Chants” -> “Leagues and Teams”
• Now, you are prompted in a place in which you will choose your desired league and team to import chants to. Navigate the section until you find Liga 1 and your favorite team. There, you will see a list with things likes “Stadium Entrance”, “Crowd Chant” etc. You will now have to replace both “Stadium Entrance” and “Crowd Chant” that are set to the “Default” playlist by simply clicking on “Default” and choosing the correct playlist, as you should see a list there aswell. For example, if you want to hear Rapid Bucharest anthem in the beginning of the match, go to “Stadium Entrance” section, you will see many files there and you have to search until you find “Rapid Imn”, select that one with the following option: “Apply to selected event” and do the same with the “Crowd Chant” section which is located below, by simply searching for “Rapid” playlist, applying it with the same “Selected Event” option and that’s pretty much it.
If you want to have chants for all teams (about 15 teams have at least one chant), you will have to repeat this last step for all of them. Do not forget that some teams do not have “Stadium Entrance” files, and Dinamo Bucharest has a specific “Team Goal” chant, which can be applied by going into the “Team Goal” section -> “Dinamo Gol” file -> “Apply to selected event”.


Transfers Crash Fix:

Fix Method 1

Fix Method 2

Fix Method 3

Scoreboard Bug: When you start a match and you see the previous match score in your scoreboard just pause and start the game and the SB will reset!

Media Section

CFR Cluj vs “U” Cluj – Gameplay Footage


• virtual_razvan – Database, kits, minifaces and GUI
• Damien – Database, minifaces and fonts
• The-Clau – Kits
• new maker – Kits
• mihai20cm – Kits
• mogolos – Kits
• darxxx – Balls
• LcK – Flags
• aragonel – Minifaces
• Merdiso – Team chants and installer programming
• ANBSeth – DigiSport ScoreBoard

! Special Thanks to Rinaldo for his amazing DB Master 12, jor1980 for his Texture Editor, Microsoft for Excel and many thanks to iard68 for his FIFA 12 Regenerator !



* You cannot re-upload this patch!You can redistribute this patch only and only using the link of the post! *

Please try to post in english so that everyone can answer your questions and help you with your problems of the patch!

If you find any bugs or want to help us improving the database please post bellow or contact us here!

Enjoy and have fun!

CRLP Forum it’s now open! All romanian users who have issues and questions about CRLP can discuss in their native language here!

About Damien

Co-Founder of, Juventus supporter, Graphic Designer, FIFA Modder in spare time and lately an Ultimate Team fanatic!
  • http://Website Totyoje

    Add pls body_bogdan23 , nu imi vede chanturile am windows 7 (ultimate) si am si problema in care nu mi se vad fanii din tribune , se vad doar steaguri si pe spatele juktorilor scrie acelasi nume :| . Si am o intrebare , de ce Marcos Antonio de la Rapid e alb cu paru mare , am observat si la steaua Latovlevici are plete ….

  • http://Website Casio

    Razvan, id-ul meu este: alex_ingerul90

  • http://Website goN

    Razvan si eu am problema cu transferurile, si am incercat sa reduc rezolutia la cel mai slab nivel, dupa mi-a mers fara probleme.

  • http://Website Ghery

    Deci tu ai redus rezolutia si nu ai mai avut crash la transferuri ?

  • http://Website Alex

    @ Razvan

    Daca tu le-ai bagat in joc si a doua oara nu ti-au mai mers inseamna ca:
    1. Ai schimbat profilul.
    2. Folosesti rna.ini pt. skip intro.

    Cum adica sa folosesc rna.ini pt skip intro…?:-s??!!

  • http://Website umf

    La o cariera cu Otelul nu am avut probleme in schimb am inceput una cu Rapid si imi iese.La problema cu Transferurile

  • http://Website umf

    PS: Am rezolvat…am ster din nou cariera si am dat reset squad si a mers pana la urma…

  • http://Website umf

    Nu inteleg iar nu mai merge…:(

  • alex

    Problema cu crashul in al doilea meci din MM persista si dupa ce am sters folderul cu Fifa 12 din my doc.

    Din etapa a 5a incolo a inceput sa faca asa. Etapa 6,merge ,in etapa a 7a imi iese din meci.

    Asta e,voi juca un meci,ies din joc,intru iar :))).

    Frumos patch :) decat nik,mai bine asa.

  • Razvan

    Ai incercat sa apesi Submit Search in loc de butonul Search direct?

  • Razvan

    Origin testeaza structura fisierelor inainte sa porneasca jocul.
    Singura solutie e sa instalezi un kit de FIFA 12 altundeva si sa folosesti acel ceva care scapa FIFA 12 de Origin, astfel vei avea 2 versiuni de FIFA, una cu patchul si una originala.

  • Razvan

    Nu se poate sa iti dea crash in fiecare meci, e nejucabil asa, trebuie sa gasim o solutie pt. tine.
    Cand ai instalat CRLP ai dat overwrite la tot?

  • http://Website umf

    Mi-am reinstalat Fifa acum si nu ma mai lasa sa-mi pun “chant-urile” la costumise fifa acolo ma da fara din joc. PS:n-am incercat cu butonul Submit search incerc dupa dar acum nu-mi mai pot pune chant-urile.Dau sa pun ma apuc sa pun cateva dupa care ma scoate.Si nu mi-a facut problema asta prima data de asta imi pare rau.”Incurcate sunt caile domnului”.Da nu le-a vazut nimeni pe asta de ale calculatoarelor?

  • http://Website Casio

    razvan da-mi un buzz ca nu stiu care esti, eu sunt alex_ingerul90

  • http://Website Dragos sters fifa 12 din my documents…si au mers transferurile cand aveam cea mai mica rezolutie de mi se vedea totul in ceata..dupa am dat rezolutia normala si iar da crash..deci nu se poate incercat toata solutiile reinstalat jocu de 10 ori..asta e pacat de munca depusa…dezinstalez patchul si astept versiunea a 2-a…succes in continuare!

  • http://Website Casio

    Parerea mea, nimeni nu stie cat va mai dura pana la v.2. Pana atunci incercati sa faceti repede un fix pt. transferuri si unu pt. sunete daca pututi, sa faceti un install ceva pt. sunete, asta doar daca merge si daca puteti!

  • Razvan

    Nu am ce face, Dragose, daca tie nu iti merge nicicum, ti-am dat toate solutiile care le puteai face. O ultima chestie e sa incerci cu Submit Search.

  • Razvan

    Nu putem face install, am incercat diferite solutii inainte de a instala patchul pentru instalare automata si nu va merge.
    Iar fix pt. transferuri nu exista, atata timp cat la altii merge, fiindca nu este de la baza de date. Mi-e teama sa nu fie vreo restrictie EA dintr-un DLL obscur pe care sa nu avem cum o trece.

  • Razvan

    Crashul asta nu are absolut nici un sens si daca apare doar la tine e si mai creepy. Cand iti da crash, imediat dupa ce alegi un PlayList sau…?

  • http://Website R3vollv3R

    Am probleme cu tabela de scor, este mai jos si deasupra apare alta va rog ajutatima

  • Razvan

    Trebuia sa citesti mai sus. Ori setezi o rezolutie 16:9, deoarece scoreboardul e optimizat 16:9, ori stergi scoreboardul, ai mai sus cum.

  • http://Website umf


    deci intru la costomise intru sa selectez sunetele bag unul dou si dupa aia iese pur si simplu.Am reusit pana la urma sa bag la cate o echipa si dupa aia dadeam back ca sa se salveze si intram imi da dea crash si am iesit din fifa de 16 ori ca sa bag la fiecare echipa in parte.Prima oara cand mi-am ps patch-ul nu a facu asa cva.

  • http://Website Casio

    Razvan ai cerut id-ul meu, eu nu mai stiu ce nick ai. Hai pe mess poate este vreo solutie si pt. mn la sunete

  • http://Website Dragos

    pai da Razvane am facut tot ce ai am specificat ca pe rezolutie mica imi merge..dar se vede in ceata rau si decat sa joc asa mai bine astept poate gasiti vreo solutie pana la urma :)

  • http://Website dorinsefu

    …….sunt dezamagit de fete, in rest foarte frumos patch

  • http://Website Alex

    Aceasi problema ca la umf… cand facusem in sfarsit alea cu chanturile cand sa le bag la echipe…la a 2 sau a 3 echipa imi iese pur si simplu….asta de vreo 2 3 ori…iar acum numai mi le vede deloc…:-??!!!

  • http://Website Dan

    Razvan am aceeasi problema ca si Dragos…la rezolutie mai mica imi merg transferurile cand dau la rezolutia mea normala 1920*1080 nu mai merge:( o sugestie cv?

  • Razvan

    Foarte ciudat. Ai playlisturile in formatul original sau le-ai facut m3u?

  • Razvan

    Faceti-le m3u ca in al doilea videoclip.

  • Razvan

    Pai tu nu transferi tot sezonul, poti juca cu rezolutia mica cat transferi, dupa ce se termina perioada bagi inapoi rezolutie mare daca la tine asa se rezolva problema.

  • Razvan

    Nu am avut unelte sa bagam fete reale.

  • http://Website Alex

    in format original…!! iar faza cu rezolutia o schimbi din config de la fifa nu ? la cea mai mica rezolutie?!

  • http://Website Dragos

    ok..Razvan o sa incerc varianta aceasta si o sa revin cu un raspuns

  • http://Website Gogu’

    Nu stiu ce sa mai fac…am incercat toate variantele propuse pana acum si nimic….tot nu pot face transferuri..:( am incercat si cu rezolutie mica si degeaba….Chanturile imi merg perfect…specific k am incercat Carrer Mode si cu alta echipa in afara de cele din LIGA 1 ( ex. Arsenal) si se intampla acelasi lucru:crash la transferuri..fara eroare fara nimic…iese pur si simplu. Am windows 7.64 bit. si sigur nu e o problema de la windowsul meu…ASTEPT NOI SFATURI…POATE UN FIX. ceva…

  • http://Website umf

    Problema cu transferurile am vazut ca o face doar intr-o cariera din Liga 1…Inainte sa incepetu o cariera dati reset squad bagati-va sunetele apoi incepeti cariera,dupa ce faceti primul transfer…dati save la cariera si nu va ma face pana la sfarsit.Sper sa fie asta.Mie unul nu mi-a mai facut dupa ce am facut asta sper sa nu-mi faca la urmatoarea perioada de transfer.

  • http://Website dindi

    faza cu Chant-turile eu am rezolvat-o deconectandu-ma de la internet asa imi recunostea toate playlisturile

  • http://Website umf

    pe mine contunuie sa ma scoata la transferuri am incercat toate modalitatile de mai sus…Buttonul submit search,rezolutia mica…ce e de facut?

  • http://Website StelistuL

    am fifa original…. am instalat patchul normal dar nu intra in fifa deloc…. daca am jocul original nu pot juca cu acest patch deloc ?

  • http://Website Ionut

    eu pe windows XP SP2 nu am nicio problema cu transferurile,iesitul din joc,dar singura problema sunt chanturile :(,orice as incerca,am doar optiunea default.
    Presupun ca doar pe windows 7 merg chanturile?

    astept raspuns si va multumesc

  • Razvan

    Nu ca nu se poate juca deloc.
    Va trebui sa instalezi o versiune stii tu cum, si vei avea 2 versiuni, una originala si una stii tu cum. Instalezi patchul pe cea stii tu cum.
    Nu e vina noastra, orice patch instalezi, Origin verifica fisierele si daca nu sunt cele originale crash direct.

  • Razvan

    Ionut: pune toate folderele alea in SHARED Documents/My Music si redenumeste folderul Playlists in My Playlists.

  • Razvan

    Profil nou pe aceeasi cariera ai incercat?

  • http://Website Casio

    In SHARED Documents sau My Music? My Music se afla in My Documents nu in SHARED Documents

  • http://Website Cosmin

    sal. eu am jocul original si nu ma lasa sa intru in joc dupa ce instalez pach-ul. ce trebuie sa fac? multumesc frumos!

  • http://Website dorinsefu

    Razvan in my music nu am playlist….

  • http://Website Casio

    playlist se afla in folderul cu chants

  • Razvan

    Am spus mai sus, instaleaza o copie nelegitima si joaca pe aia CRLP si online joci cu Origin. Nu e vina noastra, e vina Origin ca nu lasa jocul sa porneasca cu orice fel de mod activat.

  • http://Website Cristy

    nu imi merg chanturile imi apar decat brasov cfr si ceahlaul

  • http://Website Sergiu

    Razvan, explica-mi si mie unde trebuie sa il instalez ca sa imi apara echipele romanesti cu numele exacte si nu in Campionatul Olandez, poti sa ma contactezi te rog pe , versiunea mea de fifa e FIFA 12 (c) EA version 1 iar in Program Files folderul FIFA 12 e separat de EA SPORTS. E o problema?

  • http://Website Sony

    eu n-am intampinat probleme la transferuri , in schimb daca incerc sa schimb jucatorul sa execut lovitura libera se inteapa si iese din joc. Precizez ca nu e constant bug-ul.